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We are Mariana and Sofia. We are the founders of Taste Algarve and with our team, we will be your hosts and guides in this unique journey to discover Algarve's Tastes.

We are both passionate about gastronomy, culture and local traditions.

As a result of a global massified tourism some of the traditions were in danger to disappear so we felt the need to preserve, promote and share

Algarve´s traditions and products.



Mariana & Sofia



Doing this we sincerely hope to enhance our singular heritage.

​​Speaking about Algarve’s cuisine is to talk of its products, about people whom, throughout time, have taken advantage and enhanced what nature has scarcely provided.


The soil, sun, sea and salt are undoubtedly essential to Algarve’s gastronomy, a statement of simplicity and diversity of flavors that are exalted, not hidden.

We can call it a true fusion cuisine, fish and shellfish caught in the lush Atlantic, salted and dried, melt with sweetened products such as beans, tomatoes and fruits.
It is the ability of mixing these contrasts and the products from land and sea, sun and salt, which enrich, ennoble and exalt the local cuisine.


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