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Taste Algarve TV programmes - They work as a gastronomic guide, inviting you to take a tour through the Algarve and its flavors. In every programme we (Mariana & Sofia) will take Peter, an "unexpected foreigner", along the gastronomic Algarve.

We will show all the typical food and drinks that should make a way to your plate but sometimes remain hidden from tourists view!

During these programmes we will taste all these delicious gems but also see where they are made, how they are made and where you can find them too.

Don't miss our next destinations!

Check also other TV, newspaper and magazine articles with Taste Algarve.

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Silves, Albufeira & Lagoa


In this episodes, Mariana and Sofia take Peter to taste some sweet oranges, visit a vineyard and try to get him drunk over lunch. Did they succeed?
Faro, Loulé, São Brás


In this episodes, Mariana and Sofia take Peter to a vintage shop in Faro (Feitoria), a delicious restaurant in São Brás de Alportel (Sabores do Campo) and a traditional Gourmet shop in Loulé (11 Loja Gourmet)
artigo Algarve Plus Sep 2020.jpg
Algarve Plus Mag - September 2020


"Fancy learning a new skill and making friends with shared interests?"

Cpa Algarve Plus Sep 2020.jfif
Enjoy the Algarve Mag - September 2017


"Despite the fact we’ve known each other for only three hours, it feels like hanging out with friends over lunch."

press_tui.jpg by TUI - February 2017


"The Algarve cuisine, with its fresh and regional ingredients and Mediterranean aromas, particularly reflects the relaxed summer mood."


"Portugal is not only a great country for sunbathers and beach lovers, but also for real gourmets. The Algarve, in particular, reflects the relaxed, summery atmosphere in its cuisine, using fresh, local ingredients and Mediterranean flavors."

Global Gourmet Tui - January 2017


"The Taste Algarve team offer immersive half-day where you’ll start by learning about Algarvian products and food in the context of local history, then head to the local markets where you’ll pick up tips on selecting the freshest ingredients,..."

Oliver's Travel - December 2015
MERIAN Algarve - July 2013


"Shopping, cooking and the Algarve's specialties - Taste Algarve shows how it's done." p. 110

Her Ideal Magazine - December 2012
"...conhecer de perto, sentir, cheirar e saborear a tradição e a tipicidade do local de férias é um complemento que enriquece a visita"


Lux Woman - July 2012


"Achar que o Algarve é só sol e praia fica muito aquém daquilo que a região tem para oferecer. A Taste Algarve é a prova disso e mostra o outro lado desta região através da gastronomia. As mentoras do projecto são Mariana e Sofia, ambas amantes da boa comida...
3 op Reis (BNN channel) - The Algarve 


A Dutch television crew from travel programme 3-op-reis was in the Algarve in June to discover and film the Algarve’s lesser known tourist attractions.
Inspirations Algarve Exclusive Travel Club


"We met in Olhão for a tour of the market before catching the ferry over the Culatra island. Our location was a beautiful cottage right on the beach... Heaven!"


"The two partners have created a series of experiences that, although related to food, “try to go beyond just teaching people how to cook; we want to share our way of life in the Algarve" p. 23
Algarve Resident - August 2012


"A number of projects have been popping up around the Algarve hoping to show another side of the region, but few manage to concentrate on one of its most beloved treasures - food - as throughly as Taste Algarve." p. 92
Essential Algarve - Aug/Sept 2012
Summer School 2012 - Faro Bio Market


Our collaboration with PROVE during summer school 2012. We suggest several delicious recipes, using fresh and locally grown vegetables.


​Vila Real Sto. António & Castro Marim


In this episode, we will visit the saltpans and discover the Fleur de Sel, then we will try several tuna specialties and finish with a delicious lunch in a spectacular setting, by the sea.
Tavira & Olhão


In this episode, we eat folhado de Tavira, catch an octopus, drink olive oil, taste folar de Olhão, visit the Olhão market and have an early dinner in Culatra Island.
The hills - ​Alcoutim and around


In this episode, we will take Peter around for another inspiring gastronomical trip through the interior of the Algarve, where culinary traditions are still very much alive!
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