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Visits to Local Producers

Number of participants

Additional requests

Thank you!

Please fill in the Reservation Form as indicated below:


indicate a specific date or a period you are available to join.

Observations: use this field to share other relevant information not available in this form such as existing food restrictions, mobility restrictions, children's age (if children are participating), place of pick up if you require transpor, accommodation preferences if you wish to book a stay at Monte do Álamo, etc.

Booking Conditions

The visits to local producers require the full payment on booking.

Other conditions:

- Any change on the number of participants must be confirmed until 3 days before the activity. Changes to the number of participants may imply variations on the price/ person.

Payment Details

To Pay for our activities you can chose one of the three options available:

  1. via (easy and affordable way to do international transfers. Low fees, no hidden costs)

  2. Credit Card

  3. Bank transfer (20€ fee on payments outside Europe. Please check option 1)

We will send the complete payment details once we receive the booking request.

Cancelation Policy

The visits to the local producers are subject to each producer policies. Please ask for the specific conditions applied to the activity before you book.

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