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Taste at Home - Fish and Seafood Cataplana

The Cataplana began to be produced many decades ago in the Algarve. The cooking process used in the Cataplana ensures a full and excellent flavors, preventing loss of aromas of food.


In this activity, all participants will be able to take part in the cooking process of the Cataplana with carefully selected products from a local market.


After the activity participants will share a delicious meal they have just prepared (cataplana and a desert), with their family and friends.

The menu suggested  is suitable both for adults and children.


Classes held in Portuguese or English or Spanish.


Starting at: 60€/person*


* The price includes services at máx. 20km distance from Tavira.

We will charge an extra for activities further than 20kms from Tavira. 



•The service takes place at the client's home and lasts around 3h (preparation and tasting)

•All dishware is provided by the client

•50% payment on confirmation of the service and the remaining 50% at the end of the service

•The number of persons must be confirmed until 3 days before the service

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