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Visits to Local Producers

We are strongly committed With offering sustainable gastronomic experiences so, in the last 15 years we have stablished partnerships with some of the best local producers of this region.

In the visits we promote, you will be guided through the story of these activities (some with centuries of tradition), and be able to learn more about the products and taste it right in the source!

Buying directly from our producers, you will also contribute for the development of short circuits and more responsible and sustainable consumption patterns. 

Visit to the Oyster Farm & Tasting

You will spend the morning in Culatra island where you will be guided around an oyster farm, learn about the production and taste the oysters on the spot, in a lovely setting by the Ria, paired with fresh sparkling wine.

At the end of the tour, you can explore the island and lunch in one of the typical restaurants.

This visit includes private boat transport from mainland to Culatra Island (and return).


Price: From 100€/ person (min. 4 people or paying the equivalent)

*lunch is optional and not included in the price

Visit to Winery and Wine Tasting

In a superb wine estate situated in the heart of the Algarve, you will learn more about wine production in a professional guided tasting. 

You will take a walk through the winery, where you will be able to know the entire process of wine production and discover some secrets behind these wines. You will learn to observe, smell, taste and pair the wine.

Four premium wines are included in this tasting, commented by a team of professionals.

Price: From 45€/ person

Fleur de Sel | Visit to the Saltpans

You will be guided around the traditional saltpans of Castro Marim, where some of the finest fleur de sel is produced, harvested and packed by hand.

Learn about the artisanal production of the called "white gold" and taste it with a selection of fresh local products and refreshments*.

While you are out in the open, enjoy the landscape: watch the birds, taste the plants and barefoot, feel the earth and its warmth, until you feel yourself to be a true salt maker harvesting fleur de sel.


Price: From 50€/ person (min. 2 people or paying the equivalent)

*Longer tours, including more food options and drinks are available at an extra cost.

Honey | The beekeeper experience

Get a feel for what it is like to be a beekeeper – a hands-on experience with the bees, learning how they work together to thrive and produce some of our delicious honey.

Not only you will gain new insights into the amazing life cycle of the honeybee and walk away with a new appreciation of how important these pollinators truly are. 


A tasting of 4 different honeys, paired with fresh goat cheese and other locally sourced produce is included. Orange juice, coffee and a dessert are also part of the tasting session.

Price: From 95€/ person (min. 2 people or paying the equivalent)

Olive Oil | Visit the grove, mill & Tasting

Olive trees have been present in the Algarve for thousands of years but in modern times the tradition of making olive oil has almost been lost. 

During this tour we invite you to enjoy an olive grove walk, a visit to the mill and an Olive Oil Tasting. 

You will learn more about this milenar tradition, the important aspects of the production and taste the different varieties, from the softest to the most peppery, fruity and bitter.

Exclusive tours from 25€/ person

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